Our Book

~ Objects of Our Affection ~

An enchanting Love Story through the love of our special treasures

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~ Selections from our book ~
72 pages and full color

This beautiful horse and rider is from the
collection of Bernard Barenholtz and Frank
Kaplan who together founded Creative
Playthings in 1950 in Princeton, NJ. An identical
horse is in the permanent collection at the Victoria
& Albert Museum of Childhood in London.



I have carried this silver baby cup with me my entire life. It was given to me by the milkman who delivered to our house in San Francisco. I believe he had the cup engraved with my name, but I cannot verify that.


I used wood and colorful extruded
expanded foam to make this small-scale
chair—one of several art pieces included
in the book “Chairmania: Fantastic Miniatures”
by George Beylerian, published by Abrams
in 1994. One of a kind, this piece from
1991 is one which we’ve kept, whereas
most of George’s collection is now in the
Grand Rapids Public Museum in Michigan.



For many years I have been a fan of the work of Finnish designer Kaj Franck. He designed the first dishes I purchased in the early 1960s which we still use today. This goblet is part of a series of glasses that he designed in a variety of shapes and colors.




These beautiful vases are part of a large collection of porcelain objects made near the site of centuries-old imperial kilns in China. Established in 1998, Middle Kingdom produces modern designs using original techniques.


Maynard and Lu:
“Midnight Dreamer”
This quite magnificent Clay Head was made in 1994
by artist Nancy Walker, in Vancouver, BC.
It measures over 15” high and is made with red pigmented terra sigalatta clay slip, and is one of our real treasures.