Looking Panels

The Looking Panels are actually photographs of Looking Boxes which have been printed on aluminum.  Printing on aluminum gives a very different effect, because now the three-dimensional Looking Box has been converted into a two-dimensional object.  Looking Panels are printed in a matte finish which gives them an iridescence in certain lights. The corners of the panels are slightly rounded so they are not sharp, and there is a special hanging device on the back of the panel which spaces it away from the wall by 1/2 inch; the panels do not stand on their own.  Whereas the Looking Boxes are all paper and bamboo and susceptible to dampness and some fading if they are placed in a sunny spot, the Looking Panels are very durable.  And whereas each Looking Box is a unique item, each Looking Panel can be ordered in a range of sizes and more than one is available for sale.  You can order any number of an individual panel if you so wish.  

10 x 10          $100

12 x 12          $125