Looking Boxes

Looking Boxes are my layered constructions wherein I juxtapose images from many thousands of photographs I have taken over the years, all the way back to 1962.  The Looking Box frames are crafted from bamboo.  They have a solid back with a single hole, so they can be mounted on a wall or simply displayed on a table, mantle or shelf.
Each Looking Box is one of a kind, signed by me.  There are no duplicates, although I have been known to make variations on a box. The process of making each box is sometimes quick and serendipitous and other times not.  First I select the images that I want to use.  Then I size and print them on special paper.  And then I hand cut sections away with an Exacto knife and glue them into the box.  Each looking box is 2 inches deep.  Because they are all paper and bamboo, they are somewhat susceptible to dampness and some fading if they are placed in a sunny spot.

LB-Sea Ranch 6x9 4955