It is perhaps 6 or 7 years ago when I started making what I call Looking Boxes from my thousands of photographs, some of which go back to as early as 1962 in color slide form.
You see these on the pages of my website www.looking
And a bit later I started photographing the Looking Boxes and baking the resulting 2D images onto aluminum panels. Looking Panels, I call them.

Then came my Looking Houses—prints of my photos playfully adhered to solid wood 3D house forms
But this week, Places popped into my head (after all, our retail design store + gallery has the name we gave it back in 1978: Placewares.  Wares for your place.
So a natural addition to my series is Looking Places.

This first piece, Looking Place #1, measures 11” x 8” x 8” and creates a virtual PLACE that one can imagine being in and at and around.
Prints of my photos applied to the various in-and-out planes, plus colored pencil grid drawings on the hinged-panel box, completes the assemblage.
Images in this first of upcoming series of Looking Places are ones I’ve taken over the years of the northern California coast where we live and have our Placewares+LyndonDesign shop+gallery.

January 14, 2015


My photo here in our living room invites my mind to develop it into a new Looking Box.
That living room wall and ceiling have works (pictured) by favorite artists/designers: Charles and Ray Eames (the hanging paper “The Toy”, 1951, and a portion of its original box on the left in the photo). And a 1970s photo of Beauvais Cathedral by Alice Wingwall, and an oil painting (2006) by Jesse Wood.


Below is my 9 x 6 Looking Box, inspired by these images—first shown in front of Alice’s Beauvais image and then hanging on a wall.



This is the first Looking Box of our New Year!